Fall Fun Fest Canceled and Re-Imagined

Hey there ML family,

I am super bummed to have to share with you that our Fall Fun Fest outreach has been canceled. This is one of our favorite outreach events of the year, our staff has put countless hours into coordinating this event, and we are proud of what we’ve come up with.  However, our Pastoral Leadership Team took some time to pray and seek the Lord about whether this event should proceed, and came to the decision to cancel Fall Fun Fest for 2020 due to our county's current COVID-19 trends.

Putting whatever we all think about COVID-19 aside, the goal of this outreach is for our community to feel loved. We believe that proceeding with this event as planned will have the opposite effect on many in our community.  We do not want to put an unnecessary stumbling block in front of those we want to reach with the good news of Jesus' love and grace.

This does not affect church or our services on Sundays. Please join us for church this week! We have plenty of room for everyone, we are being careful and safe with masks, cleaning and sanitizing and there is no more important time to gather together than now.  As we face the election this coming week, we need to gather together in the name of Jesus and seek His heart for our lives, our country and our world.

We still have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with our community this weekend so we are scrambling and re-directing our energy to do just that!

Fall Fun Fest 2.0

1. Gift Backpacks to hand out to Trick or Treaters, your Neighbors, Friends and Family
2. Canned Food Drive
While trick or treating may not be your thing, October 31st is a day that everyone will open the door to you.  With that door wide open, let’s help those in need by starting a conversation and asking our neighbors if they’d like to donate canned goods to the local Salvation Army.  Of course kids can ask for candy too,  but this gives an opportunity to shine some light and to meet a real need that many in our community will face this winter.
  • We are having a contest to help our church family get behind this idea of bravely serving in our neighborhoods.
  • The three households that gather the most canned goods and bring them to church on Sunday or the office on Monday will receive… Amazing prizes. The Best Prizes EVER! Better than any prizes that ever been before. Just kidding, but seriously, we want your family to be STOKED if you win! And these are indeed some great prizes.  
  • We will collect the canned goods on Sunday at our services at both the Vail Valley and Roaring Fork campuses, or drop them at the church office by noon on Monday. Please bring a note with your household name, phone number and how many cans you brought in.  We will announce the winners on Tuesday morning and personally deliver the prizes to the winners’ doors.

Thanks for your support and understanding as we are constantly navigating these changing times. And more importantly, thanks for choosing to be a light for Jesus in our community this weekend!  Let's show His love in real, tangible, life-giving ways and let Him minister to the needs all around us.

As the founder of Calvary Chapel, Pastor Chuck Smith used to say: “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken!”

Love you all!
Pastor Nate & the ML Leadership Team

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