November 18th COVID-19 Update


Treat each other like Jesus during this trying season

Hey church! As we are sure you are aware, Eagle County has moved into the orange phase on the COVID-19 dial and we have a couple updates for what this means for us as a church. Before we get into the updates and new guidelines, first we want to share our overall heart about how we should respond in times like this. As individuals, as a church, three words come to mind when we think about the response we should have : Patience, Preference and Humility. Please watch this important video update from Pastor Nate on what orange phase means for church starting this Sunday, November 22nd.

Patience, Preference and Humility

If you prefer reading over watching a video, we've summarized the information from the video into a quick update. First, let's look at the heart behind those three words: Patience, Preference and Humility.
Patience is a fruit of the spirit. We want to walk with patience towards each other. We all have our thoughts and ideas about whats going on in this season, but the reality is, we are all going through this together. We need to be patient with each other, patient with government leaders and patient with authority and treat all those we interact with with patience.
Show Preference towards one another. It says in Philippians and Ephesians, we must show preference towards one another, that we should consider others as better than ourselves. So even as we have our own personal thoughts about the virus, wearing masks and limits, we need to show preference towards each other and our leaders as we move through this.
Walk in Humility. We need to recognize that we don't know everything and our job as believers is to show humility towards others, to come under them and lift them up towards the Lord.
"And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with them two."
Matthew 5:41

So what does Orange Phase mean for us as a church?

Capacity Limits
We will be limiting in-person attendance capacity in the sanctuary to 50 people. This is the Eagle County guideline, therefore the guideline at VCHS where we meet, so the guideline we will uphold. We will have some overflow seating available, and we are considering adding more services if registrations for our existing services fill up.

Registration Required
As much as we didn't want to return to registrations, this is our way as a church to show preference to our community, our county leaders, and specifically to our partners at VCHS. With limited capacity, we encourage you to get online early and register for the service you would like to attend. Register now at this link. We have updated our registration form so you can now  sign up all family members at once! Registrations will open Monday at 10am for the following Sunday's service.

Masks are required at all times inside
Help us to keep church open by keeping your masks on at all times, including during worship.
Evening service returns November 29th!
The 6:30 pm evening service returns beginning Sunday, November 29th at The Basement. It is our hope that by resuming our evening service, this will free up more spots in the morning services allowing us to ensure we have a spot for everyone who wants to attend church in person. We are unable to serve dinner at this service at this time.
ML Kids Church opening 9am on November 29th!
We are delighted to share that ML Kids will be available at both the 9am and 10:30 am service beginning Sunday, November 29th.  If you have children that would like to experience ML Kids church, please register your entire family early so we can ensure we have a spot for you and your kids on Sunday. Masks are required for kids ages 3 and older.

Stay Home if you are sick
We request that you not attend if you are sick, or at risk due to age or a compromised immune system. All services will continue to be live-streamed for those who can not attend in person.

Practice Reasonable Social Distancing 
Please leave two seats between family groups and use overflow seating as needed. Room capacity is limited at this time. We request that you use reasonable distancing and refrain from handshakes, hugs, hi-fives, etc... We have set up overflow seating so we can have a seat for everyone and do our best to never turn anyone away.

Outside Fellowship
Please no food or drink in the sanctuary except water. Enjoy coffee and hospitality items during outdoor fellowship after service.

Advanced Cleaning 
We have purchased special equipment to disinfect our building in between services. We are committed to doing what we can to help keep things as safe and as clean as possible.

What can you do to help keep church open?

Commit to treat each other, and our authorities, with patience, preference and humility. Through this we will be living and loving by the fruit of the spirit.

Take part in Mountain Life on Mission. Sign up to ring the bell for Salvation Army. Bring in canned goods and grocery store gift cards to help those families that have been out of work for months and don't have the means to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Go online and build an online box for Operation Christmas Child. Sponsor a Senior Gift this Christmas (more to come on that next week). Text a friend encouraging scripture. Check in on relatives. Stay active in and through the body of Christ, even if you are watching church from home.  

Last but not least, stay informed. For the latest information on services, small groups and meetings events, please visit Here you can find our weekly digital bulletin and sign up for our ML Weekly emails to have updates delivered right to your inbox.

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